Week of May 1st

Post date: Apr 30, 2017 5:27:47 PM

Please bring your Greek mythology books!

We are continuing our mini-lessons on grammar this week. The test on the grammar we cover, in addition to the structure of essay writing, will be next Tuesday. Study your notes and if you're absent, please get the notes from a classmate.

Myths we read in class already: Prometheus & Pandora

Please keep notes as you WILL have an assessment on the Greek myths as well.

Also, you will be assigned your next creative writing piece this week. You will be asked to write a myth using at least 2 gods/goddesses from the book. You must use them in your story appropriately based on who they are and what they are known for. Your myth must attempt to explain the origins of something and may or may not include a moral lesson as well.

I will update with the due date.