Vocabulary and Roots Quiz Tomorrow

Post date: Oct 4, 2015 9:16:37 PM

    1. Amalgamate v. to combine or join, consolidate

2.Demented: adj. insane, mentally ill, deranged

3.Hone v. to sharpen (to hone your skills)

4.Beleaguer v. to surround and annoy or attack

5.Gorge v. to eat or swallow greedily

6. antiquated adj. old and out of use; obsolete

7. opiate n. a narcotic used to cause sleep or kill pain

8. caricature n. a drawing that exaggerates features; a cartoon

9. dally v. to waste time; loiter

10. felonious adj. criminal; pertaining to a major crime


1. Arch: to rule or govern (monarchy/anarchy)

2.Aud: to hear/listen (audio/audition)

3.Bat: to beat (batter, battery, battalion)

4.Brev: to shorten (abbreviate, brevity)

5.Capit: head (capital, decapitate)

6. dorm: to sleep (dormitory/dormant)

7. equ: equal (equality/equity)

8. fid: faith/trust (infidelity/confide)

9. fort: to strengthen (fortify/fortitude)

10. grat: thankful/pleasurable (gratitude/gratified/gratuity)