Monday, 11/28/16

Post date: Nov 27, 2016 11:27:49 PM

Do now: copy and define the following List 6 vocabulary words:

begrudge, bibliophile, declaim, enmity, gaff (for fishing)

You will have a lesson 6 vocabulary quiz on Friday (Back to our regular schedule with vocab!)

Lesson for today: I would like you to write a 1 page creative writing response. You have 2 choices:

1. Demonstrate your understanding of speaking in the vernacular by writing a scene (1 page) of dialogue between teenagers of today.

2. Write a thematic piece that deals with the following issue which will come up in our book:

Did you ever have a bad feeling about a person or a place? What was it that made you feel strange? Can you articulate how you felt?

This piece can be based on an actual experience you have had or it can be fictional. Make a up a character and make them have this experience. I don't want you to TELL. I want you to SHOW. Be descriptive! (1 page)

**Please don't write about actual people in the school. Change names and descriptions if you're basing something off someone you know so that the person is unidentifiable.**

HW: I am checking your vocab and questions 1 and 2 for Of Mice and Men on Tuesday. Please have it. Also have the book.

Continue reading your outside reading book. We will have the culminating assignment in class on December 19th. So finish up!