Friday, March 17th

Post date: Mar 17, 2017 1:00:59 AM

I will collect your memoirs Monday. (sorry)

Today, answer the pre-reading questions for Romeo and Juliet. They are attached below.

Also complete the vocabulary assignment shown below. See you Monday.

Terms due on Monday.

Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary List

Act I

  1. Augment— (verb) to make greater or supplement


  1. Boisterous— (adjective) rowdy or rough


  1. Valiant— (adjective) courageous


  1. Pernicious— (adjective) very destructive or harmful


  1. Portentous— (adjective) dealing with a sign, forewarning, or omen


  1. Posterity— (noun) future generations


  1. Profane— (adjective) showing contempt toward sacred things


  1. Choler— (noun) anger, irritability


  1. Virtuous— (adjective) having excellent morals; righteous


  1. Prodigious— (adjective) extraordinary, marvelous


Multiple Choice

Circle the letter of the word that best fits the definition.

  1. Harmful 6. Righteous
    1. virtuous a. tacit
    2. erudition b. virtuous
    3. pernicious c. prim

  1. To make greater 7. Showing contempt
    1. choler a. profane
    2. augment b. spectral
    3. shrill c. adversary

  1. Anger
    1. choler 8. Rowdy
    2. amiable a. malevolent
    3. omnipotent b. staid

c. boisterous

  1. Marvelous
    1. prodigious 9. Sign
    2. calamity a. lithe
    3. lament b. pious

c. portentous

  1. Future generations
    1. supercilious
    2. squall 10. Courageous
    3. posterity a. tenacious

b. valiant

c. caustic

Now choose any FIVE words from the Act 1 list to incorporate into a creative story of at least 5-10 sentences. Be sure to use the words in the correct context.

Completing the Sentence

Use each vocabulary word once to complete the following sentences.

augment boisterous valiant pernicious portentous

posterity profane choler virtuous prodigious

  1. My friend always tries to do the right thing. I would say he is very ___________________________________.

  1. My father went on a __________________________ rage after I crashed the car.

  1. The clouds appeared very _____________________________--signaling that a storm was approaching.

  1. I wanted to _____________________ my pay check by mowing my neighbor’s lawn for some extra money.

  1. The _________________ man saved the woman from the burning house.

  1. I am saving my family photo album for__________________________.

  1. Fans are very ___________________________ at a rock concert.

  1. My mother says it is _________________________ to laugh in church.

  1. It is a _____________________________ feat to break a world record.

  1. I am trying to control my temper so I do not possess too much______________________________.