Due Monday 12/12

Post date: Dec 9, 2016 5:00:35 PM

Your opening and body 1 of the central idea question is due in class Monday. What do I want? 2 paragraphs:

Opening: Grabber, background (where you introduce the title of the book and the author and say something about how the book relates to the topic you have decided to focus on) and the thesis (where you state the central idea as YOU see it based on what you read....in other words: what is the author saying about life or human nature in this section of the book?)

Body: Topic sentence: states which literary technique you believe illustrates the central idea you came up with. Make sure to state the central idea again but use different words so it doesn't sound repetitive. Then illustrate your point by providing examples (are there more than one?) and explaining them thoroughly (including how each example illustrates your central idea).

This writing assignment will be graded as a quiz again. Write neatly and proofread your work.

* Did you underline the title?

* Did you capitalize all names?

*Did you include a literary technique?

*Did you give examples?

*Did you explain your examples?

*If you used a quote, did you introduce it first? Did you cite it? Did you comment on your quote and connect it to your point? Was it juicy enough for that?

*Is there analysis in your writing? Practice saying things you see that you feel are meaningful.

Use power verbs: illustrates, demonstrates, conveys

Use transition words between examples when you have more than one: Additionally, Furthermore, Moreover, etc...