Black History Month Project: Due February 28th

Post date: Feb 16, 2017 12:42:07 PM

Black History Month Project

Choose a person you would like to focus on for your Black History Month project.

In the library, find a biographical article about your person. This may come from a database (my preference) or a book. You must have at least 1 source about your subject.

There are several parts to this assignment:

1. Type a one page summary about your person explaining who he/she is/was and the way(s) in which you feel he/she has contributed to the legacy of Black History. You must quote or paraphrase from your source, and cite the information through the use of in text citations. This portion of the assignment must be typed and follow MLA style. (Heading, title, double-spaced, font 12). (65 points)

2. You will create a works cited page through Easybib and attach that to your 1 page written response. This works cited page will include the source that you found in the library and will be written in MLA format. (10 points)

3. You will write a Found Poem using the text from your source. See the example on the sheet that I gave to you. Poems may follow any format but must be a minimum of 10 lines. Please spend time illustrating your poem in some way. You may draw, color, or cut and paste images to your poem. Poems may be typed or hand-written. (25 points)