Week of November 21st

Post date: Nov 21, 2016 1:52:15 AM

Monday: Please go to One Note. In the homework folder, there is a file called: The Scarlet Letter. Please read this and answer questions 1-3 which are listed not the right hand side of the story. I will be giving credit for completion of this assignment. You must be finished with it TODAY to get full credit.

Do not do the essay question.

Period 8/9 has doubles today so please also take the time to do a quizlet review of the vocabulary words. I inserted the quizlet link on the vocabulary tab in One Note. Join the class so I can give you credit for doing this please.

Tuesday: Please go to One Note. In the notes folder there is a file called: Poetry Question.

Please annotate the poem on One Note. I will give credit for the annotations. Then answer the questions for credit as well.

Period 1/2 has doubles today. Please do the quizlet. The link is in the vocabulary tab. You also need to write me a poem based on Langston Hughes' poem "Theme for English B".

** I will collect everyone's poem when I get back OR you all can create a folder on One Note called "Creative Writing" and type your poems in there. That way you can keep track of them all. 9th period: this goes for you too!

I will update to add Wednesday's work soon.

Please continue to read and take notes on To Kill a Mockingbird.