Lessons for Monday, 11/28/16

Post date: Nov 27, 2016 11:38:55 PM

Lesson for today:

Choose your topic for a social issue that you would like to make a speech on. Do some research (check out the databases on the MHS library webpage...you will have to use at least 2 sources from here). Formulate your argument. Even before you do research, try and sketch out what you want to say. What are your beliefs? What should the audience know about your topic? How are you going to appeal to us and swing us over to your way of thinking? (Consider the appeals: ethos, pathos, logos: this is where the research will come in handy.) Speeches are going to be made the week before break (2 weeks away!) They will be a test grade. A rubric is forthcoming. I will ask tomorrow what your topics are and document them so that I am aware of what you'll be speaking about. You may not change topics after this without my approval.

Links to databases:



What is happening this week?

*To Kill a Mockingbird reading is due. I'm moving this to Friday. I don't remember when it was originally due but now it's Friday. You will have a book talk that day. Everyone must speak to get credit.

*I want to collect your poems based off of the Hughes' poem.

*Vocabulary test on Friday. (All 3 lists now. Study. Check quizlet for review).

*We are starting a play this week as well.

I have already checked and counted as homework:

1. The Scarlet Letter work.

2. "How do I compare thee to a summer's day" work.

Grades for research papers and The Kite Runner tests are up on eschool. I will be returning these on Tuesday.

I will definitely be back on Tuesday. If anyone needs me for any reason, email me or pop by in the morning on Tuesday. See you then!