Annotated Bibliography

Post date: Dec 22, 2017 3:06:57 PM

6 sources total: at least 3 should be peer reviewed

Due date: Tuesday, January 3rd. Please type this assignment and have it printed out and in class (period 3) the day it is due.

What is an annotated bibliography? It is a regular works cited page with all the entries listed in the proper format. The only difference is that after each entry, you are writing a paragraph that does the following:

1) summarizes the main argument of the article

2) evaluates the credibility of the sources. Can they be trusted? How do you know? Are they biased in some way? It's okay if they are, just acknowledge that you're aware of this!

3)evaluates the validity of the argument as it pertains to your point - in other words, is this something you can use in your report? Why? How so? Remember you can use information from a source in order to show the other side. You are not PROVING a side in this report. You are just REPORTING on the topic. So all sides must be considered.

*Paragraphs don't have to be super long. Just include each of the points above.

*Easybib had the annotation space if you click "manual cite". It's on the bottom of the screen.

*You can also use Create an account and check it out. This site is VERY helpful and is FREE!!