Scholarship Info

Post date: Oct 19, 2017 5:18:01 PM

Horatio Alger Association- Due OCTOBER 25th Up to $25,000- Financial Need (less than $55k household income), Min. gpa 2.0, Overcome adversity)

Coca Cola Scholarship- Due OCTOBER 31st $20,000- Leaderships, extra-curricular activities, academics

Ron Brown Scholarship- Due NOVEMBER 1st Up to $40,000 ($10,000 per year)- Applications in Guidance Office- African American college bound HS seniors.

The Future Is Female Scholarship- Due NOVEMBER 1st $3,000- 3.0+ (85+) gpa, US citizen/resident, Awesome female

Jack Kent Cook Foundation- Due NOVEMBER 14th Up to $40,000 per year- Cumulative unweighted gpa 3.5+ (90+), SAT 1200+, ACT 26+, Financial Need (up to $95k household income), Community service, Leadership

Elks Most Valuable Student- Due NOVEMBER 27th $4,000-$50,000- Scholarship, Leadership, Financial Need

There are TONS of scholarships available! Here are some additional sites to find scholarships: