12AP Literature 2018/2019

Week of November 5th

Finish Kite Runner by Wednesday 11/7

Kite Runner test on Friday 11/9

Homework: Read and annotate the JSTOR article under the Kite Runner tab for Tuesday. Please move it to the homework tab in One Note.

Week of October 22nd

Kite Runner: Read chapters 11-13 for Thursday.

Vocabulary List 5 words are on One Note. Test next week on all lists.

We are reading The Shanhama in class on Wednesday.

There is a one page analysis being completed in class this week. See me this week if you are absent and miss it.

Thursday hw: Read chapter 16 for tomorrow. Write a brief summary

Reading Comp test next Tuesday.

Vocabulary test moved to Thursday.

Chapters 19-21 due next Wednesday. Please write a brief summary of the reading. You can do this on the ipad.

Week of October 15th

Rough drafts. Due date -Tuesday, October 16th

They must be PRINTED OUT BEFORE CLASS. Please include your works cited page.

Final copy due- Friday, October 19th. (Printed out before class.)

Vocabulary Quiz on Friday on List 4 and half of list 3.

**Scholarship essay is due on October 18th

Week of October 9th

You should be working on your rough drafts. Due date -Tuesday, October 16th

Final copy due- Friday, October 19th

**Kite Runner - Read to page 47 (chapter 6) for Friday (10/12)

**Scholarship essay is due on October 18th

Week of October 1st

Vocabulary quiz Monday, October 1st

Monday: final notes on The Catcher in the Rye. Complete the literature review sheet for this work

Tuesday: notes on the open question essay in preparation for tomorrow's timed write. Read some samples

Wednesday: Timed write based on either The Catcher in the Rye or Extremely Loud Incredibly Close

**Your research paper topic and thesis will be due by Friday of this week.

**Kite Runner will be handed out. Read to page 47 (chapter 6) for next Friday (10/12)

Week of September 24th — Sep 23, 2018 12:45:03 AM

Catcher in the Rye through chapter 18 due Monday, September 24th

Vocabulary quiz Monday, September 24th

Monday night homework: Read chapter 19 and answer the question in One Note about Carl Luce

Tuesday night homework: Read chapters 21 and 22. No writing but you should/could take notes on the chapters.

Reading Comprehension Test on Thursday, September 27th

*Homework for this week will be updated throughout the week*