12AP Literature 2019/2020

End of Year Assignments


Final Paper: See Class Notes section in One Note for the complete list of possible topics. You do not have to choose from the list, but you must have a position/argument for this paper.


You are writing a 3 page research paper on the topic of your choice. You must have a minimum of 3 sources. All topics are due to me by the end of this week along with a tentative thesis statement.

The rough draft of this paper is due on Friday, May 31st

The final copy is due on Monday, June 3rd. There are no exceptions to this date. You will be given class time to work on this paper. We will have library time in order for you to locate your sources. This paper counts as your final exam grade.


Movie analysis. As I've said in the past, you must submit a 1 page, typed, double-spaced analysis of 2 of the movies shown in class. I will take these on a rolling basis but the final cutoff date is June 7th


Senior Video. As discussed, you must create a video of your high school experience. It can be pictures, video, etc... You may work with another person but please make sure each person contributes. This is due the last week of classes.

All of these are graded assignments. Please see me with any questions you may have.

May 10th

Assignment due Monday, May 13th

Please choose a song that you want to analyze for the class in a brief presentation. You will play the song for the class and explain how techniques/elements we have studied all year play a role in the song's meaning. You must prepare your analysis before Monday as you never know when you will be called on to present. Anyone who chooses a song "on the fly" will not receive a good grade as I want you to put some thought into your choice. Please also consider how the music itself contributes to the overall meaning of the song.

Remember that you must choose a song that is school appropriate. Anyone who ignores this directive will be penalized.

There is also a movie assignment that was discussed briefly in class. We are going to watch a few movies and documentaries over the course of the next five weeks. You will be required to complete a one page typed write-up on any 2 of the films. (That means a total of 2 typed write ups) They should be analytical in nature for the films but can be critiques or commentaries on any of the documentaries that we watch. These will count as grades. So far we have watched the documentary Long Shot on Netflix. If you are absent for all of the films, it is your responsibility to watch them on your own.

Please stay on top of missed work if you are in and out of class. I am not responding to Reminds asking me what the homework or assignments are. Thank you!!

Week of May 6th

Vocab quiz on Tuesday





















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Review this Monday from 3-4 in Room 307

Exam is Wednesday at 8. You'll all do great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 28th

  • Hamlet test tomorrow
  • Brief outline for your research paper due Monday, April 1st
  • Rough draft of paper due Friday, April 5th
  • Final copy of paper due Tuesday, April 9th
  • Rewrites of open question body paragraph due Tuesday, April 2nd (optional - for 10 points)

No late work is accepted on this assignment. Any papers not submitted in paper form AND turned in on turnitin will receive a grade of 0 as a test grade.

If you are absent, please email me the paper on the due date, and then submit the paper copy upon your return.

Thank you!

March 21st

  • Pick your topic for the Hamlet paper. Due Tuesday. Library Wednesday and Thursday. Hamlet test on Friday.

March 1st

  • Please write an opening paragraph for the open question prompt for 2014. It is in the homework tab on One Note. Write your response on paper please. Thank you! Due Monday.

February 11th

  • Reading comprehension test Wednesday, February 13th
  • Satire project due on Friday the 15th
  • Due Tuesday, February 26th: Regents essay packet. I want 3 outlines comprised of thesis statements, and three topic sentences. Thesis statements may be more than one sentence. Please write this on paper. The questions are also posted on One Note in the homework section in case you misplace the packet.

February 8th

  • Due Monday: Satire project planning page

February 1st

Read chapters 57 & 58 over the weekend. We will finish reading Pride and Prejudice in class on Monday. You will have a test and essay next week (exact dates to be given on Monday but I'm thinking the end of the week for the test and potentially Tuesday for an in-class essay).

If you were absent:

  • Literary Terms Reviewed Today -
    • aphorism
    • connotation
    • denotation
    • epithet
    • heroic couplet
    • hubris
    • litotes
    • parable
    • verisimilitude
    • voice
      • active
      • passive

January 29th homework

Read to the end of chapter 49 (page 291). Question sheet is on One Note.

January 28th homework

For period 1 (Shimea): Finish reading chapter 46 (pages 264-267). Again, chapter 46 (pages 264-267). Thank you so much.

January 18th: Read to page 254 (end of chapter 43). I will have questions up on One Note by Tuesday of Regents week the latest. You can use them as a guide while you read (to make sure you understand) but I am not checking them for homework because you will have a quiz when we all get back to check that you read the chapters. You could take notes on anything you deem important as you read if you wish (which is what I would do.)

Extra credit assignment due to Turnitin by Tuesday midnight. Turnitin will close after that and I will NOT reopen it. That deadline is the HARD DEADLINE for this extra credit assignment.

Have a great week!

January 16th: Read chapters 31 and 32. Answer questions. Due tomorrow.

**Extra Credit Assignment: For a test grade for marking period 2 - Write a minimum of a 2 page research paper on any work that we have read this year (not Catcher - obviously). You need 2 sources for this paper. Follow MLA style and include a works cited page (properly formatted!) The topic is up to you. You must turn this paper into turnitin.com by Tuesday, January 22nd. Zero exceptions to this. This is VOLUNTARY and is for a TEST GRADE.**

January 14th & 15th : Midterm exam

January 14th is the written part. January 15th is the short answer. Study the review sheet (on One Note!)

Due Wednesday, January 16th: Read to chapter 29 in Pride and Prejudice. Answer questions. (On One Note)

**Extra Credit Assignment: For a test grade for marking period 2 - Write a minimum of a 2 page research paper on any work that we have read this year (not Catcher - obviously). You need 2 sources for this paper. Follow MLA style and include a works cited page (properly formatted!) The topic is up to you. You must turn this paper into turnitin.com by Tuesday, January 22nd. Zero exceptions to this. This is VOLUNTARY and is for a TEST GRADE.**

January 10th

Finish reading chapter 20 and read 21. Answer questions. (On One Note)

January 9th

Finish reading chapter 18 and answer questions. (On One Note)

January 4th

Read chapters 12 and 13 and answer questions.

January 1st

Below are images of the questions for Pride and Prejudice. Period 7 - I don't know what is happening, but I just fought with One Note for an hour to get it to work and it is still syncing. Thanks.

December 20th

We are finishing A Raisin in the Sun today. Remember that there WILL be an assessment after the break. Please read your notes in preparation for this and if you've been absent, catch up with the reading!

Over the break: Read Pride and Prejudice to page 52 and answer study guide questions for chapters 1 - 10. Study guide questions are on One Note in the Pride and Prejudice folder.

Looking Ahead to the week of December 3rd:

  • We will be reading Dickinson, Lord Byron and Langston Hughes poems. Please see One Note for the exact titles if you are absent.
  • Monday's homework: Reading comp poem "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" - due Tuesday
  • We will be starting "A Raisin in the Sun" by Thursday of next week
  • Test on Poetic terms on Friday, December 7th
  • Annotated Bibliography due on Friday, December 7th

November 29th

Here is the paper assignment with all the due dates. This is also in the poetry tab on One Note.

Poetry Research Paper

Choose a topic you would like to explore through poetry for your paper. Formulate a question that you will then work to (answer) argue in your paper. Most of the work from your paper will come from your actual analysis of the poems. You will use critical analysis to help prove your points.

You are doing the research, using poems, which are your primary sources and finding critical analysis, which are considered secondary sources.

The first step is to gather poems and critical analysis on these poems. Then you will read through them and highlight key items that stand out. From there you will be able to construct a thesis statement.

Develop a thesis about your poet’s work by looking at the poems and comparing style, devices, subject matter, or themes. Sample thesis statements are listed below. Your thesis must have three contentions!

• Frost uses the idea of opposites to show how the seemingly simplistic and compelling images of nature represent a deeper meaning about human experiences.

• Gwendolyn Brooks’ simple diction and style help her characters’ perceptions of themselves and illustrate people’s common everyday experiences.

• In “The Rhodora,” “Woodnotes, II,” and “The Snow-Storm,” Emerson reveals a recurrent motif of human spirituality and intellect as influenced by nature.

• In his poems, Langston Hughes uses simple yet vivid imagery to express his views of the African-American world and the discrimination against his fellow people.

Once you have developed your thesis, you can continue to research and take notes on your articles.

Requirements Paper

•4-5 pages, Typed/double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font using MLA format.

•Quotations from 2+ secondary sources (criticism) and 2+ primary sources (poems) incorporated into your paper. Depending upon your topic or who your poet is….you may need more poems. For example, short poems will require more for analysis.

•Works Cited page that lists all sources used in your paper

•Parenthetical documentation of secondary source material (incorporating secondary sources).

•Quotes from poems that support your major points.

Note: Failure to include secondary source material on your Works

Cited page or in your paper will result in a failing grade. You cannot receive a passing grade on the research paper without quoted material from your primary and secondary sources.

Poetry Research Paper Reminders

• Your paper should prove something specific about a topic. It shouldn’t just be about love for example. Combine your own thoughts about the selected poems with the ideas you found in the criticism you researched. Your thesis statement should make an assertion that you can defend using your critical analysis.

• Look for similarities in the poems you chose. Are there any prevalent themes? Figurative language? Symbolism? Sound devices? What do these devices or components help the poet achieve? Why are they important?

• Answer the questions of the Rhetorical Triangle—What? How? Why?

(What does the poet use? How does he use the devices? Why does he use them?)

• You should use either directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized material from at least TWO pieces of criticism. Be sure to properly document your sources so that you are not plagiarizing. USE MORE OF YOUR OWN ANALYSIS THAN INFORMATION FROM THE CRITICISM. Do not just string together quotations.

• Remember that you must effectively integrate quotations into your paper instead of just dumping them into your work. Be sure to explain quotations and relate the information to your thesis.

• When you do quote, quote accurately. DO NOT BEGIN OR END A PARAGRAPH WITH A QUOTATION.

• You will NOT use all the notes you took. You will always have more notes than you can use. It is your job to carefully select the information to use from the criticism that best supports your thesis or that helps illuminate the text of the poem.

• USE PARENTHETICAL DOCUMENTATION CORRECTLY. Cite page numbers for secondary sources and line numbers for poems. See OWL at Purdue if you are unsure of how to cite something.

  • When citing lines of poetry, make sure to use forward slashes to delineate a new line. If you are citing multiple lines or a whole stanza (or a whole poem) it makes sense to then block it and type it as it appears in its true form.

A whole stanza:

Dickinson makes it clear that …..when she says:

We grow accustomed to the Dark -

When light is put away -

As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp

To witness her Goodbye –

A few lines:

Dickinson points out how people acclimate to their situations when she says, “We grow accustomed to the Dark-/When light is put away-“ (lines 1-2).

Due Dates

Topic Due: Friday, November 30th

Annotated Bibliography Due: Friday, December 7th

Rough Draft Due: Thursday, December 13th

Final Copy Due: Monday, December 16th *Must submit to turnitin as well*

Week of November 5th

Finish Kite Runner by Wednesday 11/7

Kite Runner test on Friday 11/9

Homework: Read and annotate the JSTOR article under the Kite Runner tab for Tuesday. Please move it to the homework tab in One Note.

Week of October 22nd

Kite Runner: Read chapters 11-13 for Thursday.

Vocabulary List 5 words are on One Note. Test next week on all lists.

We are reading The Shanhama in class on Wednesday.

There is a one page analysis being completed in class this week. See me this week if you are absent and miss it.

Thursday hw: Read chapter 16 for tomorrow. Write a brief summary

Reading Comp test next Tuesday.

Vocabulary test moved to Thursday.

Chapters 19-21 due next Wednesday. Please write a brief summary of the reading. You can do this on the ipad.

Week of October 15th

Rough drafts. Due date -Tuesday, October 16th

They must be PRINTED OUT BEFORE CLASS. Please include your works cited page.

Final copy due- Friday, October 19th. (Printed out before class.)

Vocabulary Quiz on Friday on List 4 and half of list 3.

**Scholarship essay is due on October 18th

Week of October 9th

You should be working on your rough drafts. Due date -Tuesday, October 16th

Final copy due- Friday, October 19th

**Kite Runner - Read to page 47 (chapter 6) for Friday (10/12)

**Scholarship essay is due on October 18th

Week of October 1st

Vocabulary quiz Monday, October 1st

Monday: final notes on The Catcher in the Rye. Complete the literature review sheet for this work

Tuesday: notes on the open question essay in preparation for tomorrow's timed write. Read some samples

Wednesday: Timed write based on either The Catcher in the Rye or Extremely Loud Incredibly Close

**Your research paper topic and thesis will be due by Friday of this week.

**Kite Runner will be handed out. Read to page 47 (chapter 6) for next Friday (10/12)

Week of September 24th — Sep 23, 2018 12:45:03 AM

Catcher in the Rye through chapter 18 due Monday, September 24th

Vocabulary quiz Monday, September 24th

Monday night homework: Read chapter 19 and answer the question in One Note about Carl Luce

Tuesday night homework: Read chapters 21 and 22. No writing but you should/could take notes on the chapters.

Reading Comprehension Test on Thursday, September 27th

*Homework for this week will be updated throughout the week*