AP Capstone Seminar

Due Monday, November 20th

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Introduction (2 part - in other words, the context paragraph and then the paragraph that includes your question and thesis statement) 

A minimum of 5 sources are due.  You should start listing your sources in easy bib so that you can keep track and easily convert to your works cited page. 

Due Monday, November 13th

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Read "Is Coding the New Literacy?"  Annotate - interact with the text...question - respond-reflect on what you read

Week of November 6th

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Due Wednesday, November 8th
Read the following articles from the packet handed out to you in class and complete the worksheet (also handed out to you in class and attached below if you need to print it.)  Please DO NOT do this on the Ipad.  
 "Can You Make Yourself Smarter" (pages 6-13)
"From The Science of Genius" (pages 14-19)

Week of 10/16

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Rough draft of research paper due Friday, October 20th
Final copy of the paper is due Thursday, October 26th

Homework due on October 10th

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Articles and the worksheet are on One Note.  I included them as attachments below as well.  

Week of October 2nd

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This week:
How do you write an effective research question?
Create your own research question based on the documentary "Fed Up".
We will also begin the lesson on how to find credible and reliable sources through Malverne High School's databases.
Food advertisement presentations begin on Thursday.  Make sure your presentation is substantive and addresses lenses/perspectives in addition to considering who the source is, what their intention is, and how they convey their message.  You must also evaluate the advertisement's effectiveness.  Remember we are going beyond what we did with the smoking ads.

What to study for Friday's test

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  • Logical Fallacies: What is a logical fallacy?  Know: slippery slope, anecdotal, strawman, ad hominem, bandwagon, circular reasoning, black and white
  • Know the appeals:  ethos, pathos, logos.  You will get examples and have to identify which one is being demonstrated
  • QUEST:  Know the acronym and write a sentence describing each step
  • You will read an article and identify the author's argument/thesis, explain the line of reasoning, and evaluate the effectiveness of the author's evidence
  • You will be given an argument and asked to speak to it in terms of the LENSES and PERSPECTIVS
All of these notes are on One Note under weeks 1 and 2 or in your notebooks from pre-Ipad days.  Study!!

Week of September 11th

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This week we learned about arguments and lines of reasoning.  We also learned about some of the pitfalls of arguing (logical fallacies).  We reviewed the appeals:  logos, pathos, and ethos.

Friday are the mini speeches you have been preparing for in class.  Remember 1-1.5 minutes.  You may bring an outline to use during your speech.  

Try to include some of the strategies of argument we used this week.  Definitely avoid the pitfalls!! (No ad hominem attacks, right?!)  

Can't wait to see you all shine!!

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Summer Reading 2017

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Here is summer reading assignment (again!)  See you soon!!!!  

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