AP Capstone Seminar

Week of January 15th

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Revise your rough drafts.  There should be NO errors in these papers.  Second rough draft is due Friday, January 19th.

You should also be meeting with your group OUT OF CLASS either in person or virtually to work on your TMP.  Slides and script are due on Thursday of this week.  
This is homework and classwork every day this week.  Make it happen!!

Try EBSCO database from home for more sources!

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Click on the link above.  It will take you to a sign in page.  Sign in using your college board sign in info.  On the bottom of the page you will see the link for EBSCO. Click that and it will take a new page and tell you to select a database.  Check the second one that says Academic Search Complete and then hit continue. You have FREE access from the College Board.  Search for more articles!! Good luck!!

Annotated Bibliography

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6 sources total:  at least 3 should be peer reviewed

Due date:  Tuesday, January 3rd.  Please type this assignment and have it printed out and in class (period 3) the day it is due.
What is an annotated bibliography?  It is a regular works cited page with all the entries listed in the proper format.  The only difference is that after each entry, you are writing a paragraph that does the following:
1) summarizes the main argument of the article
2) evaluates the credibility of the sources.  Can they be trusted? How do you know?  Are they biased in some way? It's okay if they are, just acknowledge that you're aware of this!
3)evaluates the validity of the argument as it pertains to your point - in other words, is this something you can use in your report? Why? How so?  Remember you can use information from a source in order to show the other side.  You are not PROVING a side in this report.  You are just REPORTING on the topic.  So all sides must be considered.

*Paragraphs don't have to be super long.  Just include each of the points above.  
*Easybib had the annotation space if you click "manual cite".  It's on the bottom of the screen.
*You can also use noodletools.com  Create an account and check it out.  This site is VERY helpful and is FREE!!

Week of December 11th

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Monday, December 11th- IRR introduction due

Friday, December 15th- IRR rough draft due

Monday, December 18th- Team presentations begin- everyone must be prepared

Tuesday, December 19th- IRR due

Week of November 27th

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Rough draft of paper is due Wednesday, November 29th.  Remember it must be PRINTED OUT and in the room PERIOD 3.  No exceptions to this!  Anyone who comes without a printed paper will receive a grade of 0 for the rough draft.

Final copy of your paper is due on Tuesday, December 5th.  

Everyone should be working on this paper at home.  Questions about MLA style?  See OWL at Purdue.  Remember your heading, header (with your last name and page number), double space, font 12, Times New Roman,  1" margins (just don't touch them!), in-text citations with periods after the parentheses, and the fact that your in-text citations MUST match your works cited page.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your spelling/grammar/citations/formatting are PERFECT so that you don't lose those easy points on the rubric!!!!

Hope you had a great holiday!! 

Due Monday, November 20th

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Introduction (2 part - in other words, the context paragraph and then the paragraph that includes your question and thesis statement) 

A minimum of 5 sources are due.  You should start listing your sources in easy bib so that you can keep track and easily convert to your works cited page. 

Due Monday, November 13th

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Read "Is Coding the New Literacy?"  Annotate - interact with the text...question - respond-reflect on what you read

Week of November 6th

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Due Wednesday, November 8th
Read the following articles from the packet handed out to you in class and complete the worksheet (also handed out to you in class and attached below if you need to print it.)  Please DO NOT do this on the Ipad.  
 "Can You Make Yourself Smarter" (pages 6-13)
"From The Science of Genius" (pages 14-19)

Week of 10/16

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Rough draft of research paper due Friday, October 20th
Final copy of the paper is due Thursday, October 26th

Homework due on October 10th

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Articles and the worksheet are on One Note.  I included them as attachments below as well.  

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