12AP Literature 2018

Week of January 15th

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Midterm exam is Tuesday, January 23rd at 12
Completed midterm review sheet is due in class on Wednesday the 17th
Find 2 sources from the online databases: due Wednesday 
Annotated Bibliography is due Friday, January 19th 

**Midterm Review Sheet and Poetry Research Paper Assignment Sheet are attached below**

Homework Due Friday, 1/5

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Write a paragraph responding to the poetry task attached below.  Please do on loose-leaf.

Quizlet Review for Vocabulary Test

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Lists 1-10. Study!!!

Important Dates

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Friday, 12/15:  Reading comp test for December
Tuesday, 12/19:  Timed Write Essay on A Raisin in the Sun (test)
What are we reading?
The Shah'nama in the world textbook
"Hills Like White Elephants" from Perrine's

The week we come back from break:  you will be working on your poetry research paper. Over the break, you can choose a poet or some poems that you feel you want to focus on in your paper.  I will discuss further in class.
You will also have a vocabulary test.  Study the 100 words. (lists 1-10)

For Thursday, November 16th

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Go to poetry tab on One Note.  Click on the link that says "Barbie Doll".  Read and annotate the poem.  Answer the questions and complete the TP-CASTT sheet.  Finish reading Kite Runner for Friday.  Study list 9 and 3 for Friday's quiz.  That's happening!

Click the link below for list 9 review on quizlet

Week of November 13th

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Kite Runner to page 287 for Wednesday.  
You will be asked to finish the book for Friday.
Vocabulary quiz on Friday: Lists 9 and 3
Kite Runner Test next Tuesday

Homework for Monday, November 13th

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Read to page 258 of Kite Runner for Monday.  Jot down any observations/thoughts. 

Week of November 6th

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Read to page 189 of Kite Runner for Wednesday 11/8
Read to page 217 of Kite Runner for  Thursday 11/9
Revisions of papers are due by Wednesday.  No revisions will be accepted after that day.  I must have the original paper as well.  

Week of October 30th

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Kite Runner: to page 66 for Tuesday
Kite Runner: to page 100 for Thursday
We will read to page 124 by the end of this week.  
Poetry Homework due Thursday.  It's on One Note under the Homework tab.  Fill out a TP-Castt sheet for "The Poison Tree" by William Blake.  Please complete under the homework tab on One Note.
Vocabulary quiz moved to Friday.  List 8 and half of list 2
We will read an excerpt from The Shah-nama in the text book (page 87)
We will also go over the reading comprehension test this week.  
We are busy!!

Finish Book 4 of The Aeneid

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